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We also provide free telemarketing tips to our customers that need them. If you need help writing sales scripts let us know and we can offer assistance with that too.

Effective scriptwriting takes time and planning, but it is well worth the effort required. One of the keys to success is knowing how to write and deliver a script without it sounding like you are reading a script. This is one of the main reasons we don't promote word for word scripts.  We write great scripts but if it isn't delivered in the right manner the results may be less than stellar.

B2B Scripts - Business-to-business marketing is growing at a rapid pace, and with this growth comes a host of fresh challenges. New products and innovations emerge each day, making engaging business customers increasingly difficult. Companies are faced with mounting pressure to present quantifiable results from marketing activities, yet most lack the technology and data insight to effectively track the sales process. Add to this the complex decision-making process involved in B2B purchases, and it’s no wonder that today’s B2B marketers face an uphill battle.


Telemarketing Script Writing ServicesGatekeeper Phone Scripts - The receptionist (aka gatekeeper) can either make or break you in any organization. She holds the key to your success in terms of actually directing you to the person you want to talk to in her organization. I've said "her company" and "her organization" previously because as far as you are concerned, it is her company. (Or his company if you're dealing with a male receptionist.) I can help you get around, through or past the gatekeeper and right to the DM (Decision Maker) of large or small corporations.

Telemarketing Script Writing ServicesRebuttal / Objection Scripts - No matter what kind of sales you do ... the key is to PREPARE YOURSELF with killer Comebacks & Rebuttals for Overcoming Objections. The fact is that you WILL get objections.  You can talk off the cuff or you can prepare in advance by either overcoming it BEFORE you get it or knowing what to say WHEN you get it.

Telemarketing Script Writing ServicesSales Presentation Scripts - Providing your telephone sales staff with a great script that gives them the right words to say is by far the superior contributing factor to a successful call campaign.

Telemarketing Script Writing ServicesAppointment Setting Scripts - An appointment setting script is used when contacting a decision maker to gain interest in your product or service and set an appointment (by phone or in person) for a future date. If you are making sales appointments for your business now and getting it wrong, it’s costing you time and money, and you’re missing out on potential new business.

Telemarketing Script Writing ServicesCold Calling Scripts - We will write a cold calling script and also show your staff how to track their progress. Once they begin to see how many calls it takes to get a sale, cold-calling can at least become more predictable—and a little less intimidating. Our goal is to see improvements in the contact rate and ultimately the closing rate.

Telemarketing Script Writing ServicesReferral Scripts - Would you like to have a script that generates quality referrals over 95% of the time? Why not tap in to your underdeveloped resource and get all the warm referrals you can handle?  The right script can help.

Telemarketing Script Writing ServicesUpsell Scripts - Do you have a customer support or technical support phone staff that could use some help increasing up-sells? We know how to increase sales, customer loyalty and satisfaction with each call you handle.

Contact us today for a price quote if you need sales script writing services.

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