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How to Use Social Media for New Business Leads

New Business ListingsNow the World Wide Web has become the way of doing business, it is time to use your social media page to interact with others and generate new business leads. Generally, most companies generate the most new leads through LinkedIn ( as it is the professional networking site, but adding links to your company website on your biography on Twitter ( or Facebook ( can help get your name out there too.

Develop a complete profile, advertising who you and your company represent. Include a professional photo of yourself on the page, not one of yourself partying, as you want to be taken seriously. Write a brief summary of who you work for and what your company brand's mission. Back up your professional skills with job experience and highlight your skills with in-depth details.

Provide content that other professionals will want to read up about. Keep it fresh, not re-posting the same thing daily or even weekly. Remember to keep the content unique and include posts from the owner or CEO of the company as well, as readers often enjoy hearing a different voice. Overlap your content between the different platforms, remembering where the majority of your business contacts are. Depending on the platform, promote your content differently, either with a blog post or a personal video. Instead of just writing about the product, try to analyze what your readers may want to see, such as marketing tips for using the product, you may reach a different audience.

Use website links and email addresses wisely. When posting links to your company website, offer a special incentive and make it especially for LinkedIn followers or Facebook followers. When sending out emails, start including your social media platforms and the company website in your signature line so that everyone in your contact list sees it. On each of your social media platforms, make sure by each new blog post, the share and follow buttons are highly visible so that you can generate as many leads as possible.

Form relationships with your followers. Talk to them to see if you have interests in common and forming a network of people. These followers may read your blog or watch your company videos and then want more information about your brand and leave you a personal message. Therefore, it is imperative that you check your social media platforms often so you do not miss out on a potential deal or business lead.

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